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Hero Kim Go-eun was overwhelmed with emotion and sang

Hero Kim Go-eun was overwhelmed with emotion and sang trying not to crush the lyrics rather than the pitch

Kim Go-eun

I met Kim Go-eun, who played Seol-hee, the last court lady of Joseon, in the movie Hero, which maximized the thrill and emotion beyond the performance

In the play, Kim Go-eun appears as a character who claims to be an informant of the Independent Army after Empress Myeongseong was killed miserably by the Japanese army and then goes to Japan to avenge him. Seol-hee, who approached Ito Hirobumi by disguising himself as a Japanese, succeeds in gaining trust from him. Seol-hee, who was delivering the information she saw and heard closest to the Independence Army, learned about Ito Hirobumi’s plan to Harbin, and hurriedly performed a great task of delivering information to Ahn Jung-geun and the Independence Army.

Kim Go-eun, who returned to the screen for the first time in three years, said, “I’m so nervous because it’s been a while since the movie was released and I wonder how you watched it. When I saw the finished work yesterday, I thought that it came out really well and that it was a work with a lot of effort. I was happy to belong to the work.He expressed his feelings.

Kim Go-eun, who plays “Seol-hee,” who performs her duties while hiding her identity to avenge the nation, increases the immersion of the play by playing the character’s inner side with in-depth acting. In addition, Kim Go-eun, who perfectly sang and spoke Japanese for the character, said, “The number of Seol-hee (songs and music used in musicals) was all difficult. I practiced a lot because I had to know how to sing so that I could put acting or emotions into the shoot. I sang for the first time in a long time, and I tried to remember how I learned how to vocalize in school. Seol-hee was a person with few lines, so she sang thinking that the lyrics were lines. “It was not easy to sing because I had a lot of emotions, but I tried harder not to crush the lyrics than the notes,” he said, explaining why acting in musical films was difficult.

“It was a preparation process four years ago, so I don’t remember exactly now, but if I had time even for a short time a day, I visited private practice rooms everywhere and practiced singing alone for at least two hours and half a day. “If I didn’t have a schedule, I went to the practice room unconditionally,” he said, adding that he practiced singing almost every day.

It is said that he put in a lot of effort, but the numbers played by Kim Go-eun in the drama were quite difficult because they had to sing explosive high notes with intense emotions. He said, “When I shout, I hear a lot of metal sounds, but because I put so much emotion in the song, I heard a lot of metal sounds in the beginning. I thought a lot about how to make it less better while acting.” I remember your first number. I started talking about ‘Empress Mama’

He said, “It’s the most memorable number and also the most memorable scene. The lyrics were written as if they were the most spoken, so it touched my heart a lot and it was a number that made me feel emotional when I sang it. The part before going up to the highlight was the most difficult when practicing. “It’s not a low or high note, but I practiced the most because I couldn’t put in strength well, and it’s also the number that made me cry the most,” he explained the most memorable reason.

“That scene was my first shooting. Originally, it was a scene where I could only sing the beginning part, but I sang it several times until the end because I was practicing. My voice kept cracking, and it was my first time and the director ignored it and sang until the end, but after the cut, I laughed out loud with the director. Then, with the eyes we met, we shared concerns, “What should we do with live broadcasts in the future? We are in big trouble.” I was really embarrassed. That day, I vowed to practice the song unconditionally until the next filming, and director Yoon Je-kyun also crossed his arms and made up his mind to study more about the sound.”I told him the episode of the first shooting.

Kim Go-eun, who played the number with such an outstanding voice in the work, also sounded like an exaggeration. However, Kim Go-eun said, “I sang it all the way from the scene with emotions to the end to practice, but as I had a lot of emotions, it became a ridiculous song as well as a singing voice.” I felt all the embarrassment then, and now I felt that I had nothing more to be ashamed of. After that, I went to the scene without fear of failure, saying, “I went to the scene with a gutsy attitude from the next time, taking advantage of the failure of the first shooting.” “I sprayed something good for my throat every time I had a shoot, drank water, and took care of my throat.” I was advised by my friends who are musical actors, and they told me to drink 2L of water a day. “I don’t usually drink water because I’m lazy to go to the bathroom at the filming site, but I drank a lot of water at the scene of ‘Hero’ despite the hassle,” he said.

When I asked Kim Go-eun, who showed off her perfect charm by singing and dancing, if she had any intention of even challenging musical performances, she drew a line saying, “I don’t have any.” “The musical stage is not just for a day, but for months, so if you look at the actors around you, you have to take care of your throat and self-care for months. I have to keep doing it live, but I don’t think it’s an easy challenge. “There were moments when I couldn’t do as I wanted while preparing for ‘Kick It,’ but I would be so frustrated when such a moment comes while preparing for the performance,” he said.

In October 1909, the movie Hero, which depicts the unforgettable last year of Ahn Jung-geun, who died after being sentenced to death by a Japanese court after killing Hirobumi Ito in Harbin, will be released on December 21

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