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Best collaboration with solar BTS Jimin

Best collaboration with solar BTS Jimin


It is the birth of the greatest combination ever.

According to many K-pop officials on the 9th, BTS Jimin will join as a featured artist for Big Bang Taeyang’s solo album, which is scheduled to be released in January next year.

Taeyang’s official solo album is about five years after his third full-length album “White Night,” released in August 2017. On top of that, global K-pop star Jimin’s joining is expected to raise interest in the new album.

Jimin is the lead vocalist of the BTS and is a high-quality artist with the highest proportion of high-pitched parts in the team. In particular, as it has a unique tone, expectations are high for Taeyang and musical synergy with strong singing methods for R&B and soul.

Above all, the collaboration between artists representing K-pop such as Psy, Suga, Crush, and J-Hope and BTS members has achieved remarkable results every time, so the results that Taeyang and Jimin will produce are also expected.

Recently, BTS, which Jimin belongs to, has been focusing on personal activities due to sequential enlistment since the “2030 Busan World Expo Wish Concert” held in October this year. J-Hope, Jin, and RM gave us a different kind of fun with their solo album

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