You are currently viewing Lee Young-ji’s homework, which is hard to handle

Lee Young-ji’s homework, which is hard to handle

Lee Young-ji’s homework, which is hard to handle.

Lee Young-ji

Lee Young-ji’s “Show Me the Money 11” challenge, which was talkative and troubled, had a happy ending of winning. However, as the saying goes, “The end is a new beginning,” there is still a lot of homework in front of Lee Young-ji.

It was definitely Lee Young-ji who led “Show Me the Money” this season. Compared to previous years, there was not much support from “Named Rapper,” so this season’s “Show Me the Money” did not receive any attention. However, Lee Young-ji’s appearance at the first qualifying round quickly boosted the cool atmosphere.

The first thing that became a hot topic was the controversy over Lee Young-ji’s participation itself. Some criticized Lee Young-ji’s participation in Show Me the Money, saying, “Aren’t you out to take away the rice bowl?” and “Aren’t you an entertainer?” Hip-hop fans also pointed out that Lee Young-ji’s musical career is all about singles and featuring, and said that it is not a priority to present album-based works first.

The program “Show Me The Money” is a “survival” that competes for rice bowls. In addition, there are no restrictions on eligibility for “Show Me The Money 11”. Therefore, the former criticism is virtually meaningless. This was nothing but a ‘bold accusation’ against a person named Lee Young-ji.

The latter criticism deserves consideration. This is because it is true that rapper Lee Young-ji’s musical career is poor. However, this criticism is not directed only to Lee Young-ji. Dean and Beenzino are criticized for their postponed album release, contrary to their words, and Lil Boy and Simon Dominic were also criticized for their long hiatus before releasing the album. It’s hard to use a young age and a short career as an excuse. Liltachi (Kang Hyun-joon) and Big Natty (Seo Dong-hyun), who are similar in age and experience to Lee Young-ji, have already told their stories with album-based works.

The criticism that he chose “Show Me the Money” between the album release and “Show Me the Money” had his own valid reason, but some fans criticized critics and excessively covered Lee Young-ji. There has been an “eukpa” (an act of excessive defending one person) against the “eukka”.

Even during the broadcast, the battle of ‘and ‘ toward Lee Young-ji continued. Lee Young-ji was selected as a candidate for elimination because she failed to rap in the third qualifying round. However, the production team gave Lee Young-ji a chance to rap, raising controversy over equity. In the crew match, he was not selected as a eliminator even though he limped for more than 10 seconds.

Compared to other seasons, there is definitely a problem. Furthermore, this violates the ‘fairness’, a major topic for young people. However, the direction of criticism had to be directed not to Lee Young-ji, but to the production team who conceived this system, or to the producer who selected the eliminated person out of equity. However, some blamed Lee Young-ji, continuing his ‘boldness’. On the contrary, Lee Young-ji, who had benefited as a result, was turned into a victim, and there was also an “eukpa” that surrounded it.

Lee Young-ji, who advanced to the finals after many twists and turns, won the title of the winner with an overwhelming number of votes. The broadcast ended like this, but the battle between ‘Eukka’ and ‘Eukpa’ was not over. This season’s final was the first time in Show Me the Money’s history to have a zero-percent audience rating. However, the amount determined by the number of viewers’ votes was more than twice that of the usual season. Compared to the ratings, there was an excessive difference.

Critics of this criticized Lee Young-ji’s victory, saying it was gained not by stage and music but by popularity. Those who refuted this defended Lee Young-ji in the voting of the survival program, saying that public popularity was also a factor that cannot be ignored.

Lee Young-ji was given more homework than the weight of the championship trophy due to the battle between “Eukka” and “Eukpa” surrounding her. The most important homework is to solve your own narrative with good music, to be exact, good albums. Top of the charts, winning awards doesn’t matter. You should be able to explain the identity of the artist named Lee Young-ji.

Survival programs are more important than their performance on the air. Nothing will change if Lee Young-ji follows the steps she has shown since winning the “High School Rapper 3.” The positive point is that Lee Young-ji is also aware of this situation. After the victory of “Show Me the Money 11” was confirmed, Lee Young-ji promised in a clear voice, “I will release an album.” Will Lee Young-ji, who bears both “Eukka” and “Eukpa,” be able to wisely solve the homework imposed on her?

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