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Boston eventually ‘guaranteed two years’ Kim Ha-sung gives up

Boston eventually ‘guaranteed two years’ Kim Ha-sung gives up but holds out for a year with cheap FA.


Among the 30 major league clubs, Boston is currently the most urgent team for central infielders (shortstop and second baseman). This is because the Keystone duo is on the verge of collapse at a time when they have an absolute task to make up for last year’s poor performance.

Last year, Boston’s starting shortstop was Xander Bogartz (31) and second baseman Trevor Story (31). Bogartz showed off his heyday by winning the All-Star for the second consecutive year and the Silver Slugger for the second consecutive year. Story, who joined Boston ahead of last season, turned from shortstop to second base and had an adaptation period. He struggled with only 94 games due to injury, but he expected to perform better this year.

But within a month, both players evaporated. Bogartz, who qualified as a free agent (FA), moved his team to San Diego by signing an 11-year contract worth 280 million U.S. dollars. Boston couldn’t keep up with San Diego’s terms. On top of that, Story was also left due to sudden elbow surgery. The timing of his return is undecided. Depending on the rehabilitation process, most games could be lost in 2023 if they go wrong.

Boston, which is in a hurry, is considering various scenarios, including trade. Haim Bloom, president of Boston’s baseball division, expressed his concern in an interview with local media, saying, “Maybe there will be continuous reinforcement.” The name of Kim Ha-sung (28, San Diego) came to mind here. San Diego found the starting shortstop by recruiting Bogartz, and it was predicted that Kim Ha-sung would be released to reinforce the starting pitcher.

With local media in Boston reporting Kim Ha-sung’s name day after day, Boston is looking for the FA market for now. “USA Today” reported on the 16th (Korea Standard Time) that “Boston is interested in Elvis Andrews (35) and Jurickson Propa, shortstop in the FA market.” Andrews is a veteran shortstop. Propa is an outfielder, but it is also related to shortstop in line with the possibility of changing the team’s position.

Andrews boasts a wealth of experience. He made his major league debut in Texas in 2009 and once made his name as a top shortstop in the league. He has two All-Star careers. He has played in 1947 games in the Major League for 14 years and is on the verge of playing in 2,000 games.

Last year, he played 149 games with the Oakland and Chicago White Sox, batting .249, 17 home runs, 58 RBIs, 18 steals, and OPS (on-base plus slugging percentage) 0.707. The scoring productivity, which had been on the decline, rebounded for the first time in a long time. As an FA, there is no need to hit the trade card with a headache. Considering the age, a one-year contract is also possible. It provides conditions to buy time for one year and then plan for the next.

If he recruits Profa, he will leave an outfield position with Alex Verdugo and Masataka Yoshida. In this case, multiplayer Kike Hernandez can be moved from outfield to infield. Hernandez played 517 games as an outfielder, 100 as a shortstop, and 258 as a second baseman during his nine-year Major League Baseball career. Last year, he also started 10 games as a second baseman and 4 games as a shortstop. It’s a stopgap measure 토토사이트

In Andrews’ case, he is not a player who occupies the team’s long-term vision. It is regrettable, but if promising players are growing, a one-year contract will help the team plan. Kim Ha-sung is more stable and attractive in that he has two years left in his contract, but he has to pay San Diego a higher price. Attention is focusing on what choice Boston will make in the remaining transfer window.

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