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Song Joong Ki’s mom is here again Seo Jungyeon goes

Song Joong Ki’s mom is here again Seo Jungyeon goes to work in her bedroom 6 days a week.

Song Joong Ki

Actress Seo Jung-yeon has been active in Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday and Saturday dramas, meeting with viewers all week.

Seo Jung-yeon has a variety of impressive acting skills in each film. He recently played a key role in the development of the drama “Criminal Records” and “The Youngest Son of a Rebel House.” In particular, he appeared as the mother of Yoon Hyun-woo (Song Joong-ki) in “The Youngest Son of a Jaebeol House” and performed an impressive performance.

In 2023, three works will be released at the same time, continuing their “working hard” move to meet viewers throughout the week, including Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

First of all, in the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Trolley,” which first aired on December 19 last year, he has a relationship with Jung-joong (Park Hee-soon) and is active as Hyun Yeo-jin, a close sister to his wife, Hye-joo (Kim Hyun-joo), and a strong supporter of the couple.

Then, in JTBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Understanding Love,” which first aired on December 21, he plays the role of Han Jung-im, a mother, and Yoo Yeon-seok, who plays Ha Sang-soo, are having a mother-to-child chemistry.

Han Jung-im, who has lost her husband and raised her son alone with her youth, added “warm” with warm yet determined motherhood toward Sang-soo.

Especially in the fourth episode, “That’s enough to raise me really hard.” “I’m so proud of you,” he comforted himself and told his son Sang-soo, “Don’t make me feel sorry for raising you like that. He said, “I live a little bit without being mature like others,” creating a sense of emotion with the scene showing his pitiful heart.

In addition, SBS’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Beob Tran,” which first aired on January 6, draws attention as she plays Eun Ji-hee, a former madam, Eun-yong’s older sister, and Tae-chun’s mother.

Eun Ji-hee, who had been making money by drinking all her life, became a prosecutor after her son passed the bar exam, but was diagnosed with alcoholic dementia when she turned 40. Although he was staying in a nursing home, he stood out as a sad figure that still lingers in his memories of his coffee shop days.

From benevolent mothers to sharp professions, from unfortunate women to middle-aged women with dementia from madam, the refreshing digestibility that melts in any character is the biggest foundation of the heyday of Seo Jung-yeon. With her impressive acting skills, Seo Jung-yeon, who is active in a wide range of acting in each film and meets with viewers at home all week, is drawing attention to how she will continue her performance in the future.

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