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I’m tired of throwing up Miami ace Jimmy Butler

I’m tired of throwing up Miami ace Jimmy Butler


The Miami Heat lacks impact this season. He is still playing his own strong defense and team basketball, but his performance is not enough compared to last season.

Miami Heat ace Jimmy Butler even said in an interview with the Miami Herald on the 27th (Korea Standard Time), “I’m tired of losing.”

Last season Miami was a powerhouse in the East. The same goes for this season. However, he is only seventh in the Eastern Conference with 32 wins and 29 losses. In the previous match against the Charlotte Hornets, the team lost 103-108.

NBA must go straight to the playoffs from 1st to 6th place, and 7th to 10th place must play a play-in tournament. Miami is on the verge of going straight to the playoffs.

Butler said, ‘No one wants to lose. By the way, this season is disappointing. We need to find out the cause quickly,’ he said.

Butler is Miami’s ace and the league’s leading forward for offense and defense. Miami has tried several trades to reinforce its power, but none of them have produced results. He made every effort to bring in Janice Antetokounmpo, but eventually Antetokounmpo remained with his team Milwaukee, and there was no clear reinforcement since then. However, Miami’s unique team work has established itself as a strong player in the East. It is possible to advance to the playoffs this season, but it is true that it is 2% short of winning 사설토토

What kind of solution will Miami offer?

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