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Will the announcement of an additional investigation into

Will the announcement of an additional investigation into last year’s record be released once a day for infants?


Further investigations are continuing after the results of an investigation in which actor Yoo Ah-in took propofol 73 times in 2021 alone, two years ago.

On the 25th, the police said, “We have secured computer data from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety that ‘a total of 4,400ml of infants were administered in 2021 alone,’ adding, “We have visited the hospital 73 times for medication.” This means that an average of 60ml was administered per visit.

On the 26th, SBS quoted a medical expert as saying, “Usually, if 15-20ml is administered when performing a sleep gastroscopy, you will fall into sleep anesthesia for an average of one or two hours. However, Yoo Ah-in took about three times more than this, he said. “As it is difficult to administer 60ml at once, the medical community analyzes that he would have divided it several times and administered it continuously.”

A psychiatrist said, “Because the effect is less effective, there is a high possibility that the dose that needs to be taken once will increase,” and explained, “It is possible that I have done it a few times when it is worth waking up.”

The police said, “We have detected circumstantial evidence that Yoo Ah-in took intensive medication in one to two out of five to six hospitals, including Gangnam and Yongsan in Seoul,” analyzing the medical records of the hospitals and clinics and calling in medical staff to investigate.

In addition, it is highly likely that the results of the additional investigation will be released as the infant is investigating the records of propofol administration not only in 2021 but also in 2022.

As soon as the investigation into them is completed, the police plan to call in the infant who has been converted into a suspect to check the exact details of the medication.

Yoo Ah-in’s agency declined to say, “I have no position to reveal it because I have not heard any explanation from the police.”

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