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Miranda Kerr money smell tracker Orlando Bloom

Miranda Kerr money smell tracker Orlando Bloom chaebol billionaire transfer relationship

Miranda Kerr

The Cinderella story of Miranda Kerr, the top model of “War of Roses,” unfolds.

MBC Everyone’s “War of Roses,” which airs on the 13th, will reveal the dizzying love story of Miranda Kerr, the original “bagel girl” who succeeded in turning her life from an ordinary model to a chaebol wife.

Miranda Kerr, the main character of the story, married Evan Spiegel, who became the world’s youngest billionaire through the messenger app, and lived the second act of her life as a wife of a chaebol family. Miranda Kerr, who has lived the top 1% of the lives that anyone can envy, from summer vacations enjoyed with ultra-high-end customized yachts to ultra-luxury mansions that boast a huge scale, is also famous for her “money smell tracker.”

The cast wondered, “Was the smell of money a scent that could be pursued?” and “How could you have that ability?” But Miranda said she followed the smell of money and transferred a man. After listening to Kerr’s love story, she had no choice but to acknowledge her special ability.

All cast members are surprised that Orlando Bloom, his first husband and top Hollywood actor known for his films “The Lord of the Rings” and “Pirates of the Caribbean,” was used as a springboard to chase away the smell of money. Miranda to have Orlando Bloom Kim Ji-min, who heard Kerr’s efforts, even admired, saying, “Miranda Grown had a plan.”

Miranda after breaking up with Orlando Bloom The man who became Kerr’s second target was James Parker, one of the three largest Australian conglomerates. The cast is surprised once that James Parker’s fortune is KRW 7.4 trillion, and twice at the first meeting between the two, saying, “Miranda Kerr is not ordinary.”

Meanwhile, Miranda Kerr, who opened her eyes to the taste of a true rich man through James Parker, later met another millionaire who was attacking her with a huge sum of money as a super-luxury gift and had a “transfer relationship.” The scale of Miranda Kerr’s unimaginative gift from her millionaire boyfriend can be confirmed through the main broadcast of “War of Roses.”

Miranda Kerr’s colorful love story, which smells and follows money well, will be unveiled on MBC Everyone’s “War of Roses” at 8:30 p.m. on the 13th.

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