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Red-haired Kang Baek-ho who came out of a cartoon

Red-haired Kang Baek-ho who came out of a cartoon in college basketball appeared

Kang Baek-ho

Kang Baek-ho, the main character of the cartoon “Slam Dunk,” and “real-life Kang Baek-ho,” which boasts 100% synchronization, have appeared in college basketball. He runs on the court with red hair that can be seen at a glance even from a distance. He is 191 centimeters tall and is small for a resource under the goal, but he catches rebounds among tall people and enjoys a hurdle play. Even the first time I caught a basketball was the same. I started out of jealousy when I saw my crush (Chae So-yeon) like another friend (Seo Tae-woong) who plays basketball.

Konkuk University forward Choi Seung-bin (22) has recently become a hot topic with his red hair. Interest has also grown significantly as his short game video spread on social networking services (SNS). Choi Seung-bin, who met with the Hankook Ilbo at Dongguk University Gymnasium in Jung-gu, Seoul, where the 2023 Korea University Sports Council (KUSF) University Basketball U-League will be held on the 20th, said, “My SNS followers suddenly increased.” In fact, the number of SNS followers before dyeing easily exceeded 2,000 at once from 600.

The reason why I cut my hair short and dyed my hair red like Kang Baek-ho is because I admire the real cartoon character. Born in 2001, he is not a generation familiar with cartoon slam dunk in the 1990s, but he fell in love with “The First Slam Dunk,” which was reborn as a movie in January. Konkuk University coach Moon Hyuk-joo said, “I showed the players a movie to change the atmosphere during this year’s winter training in Jeju Island, and they asked, ‘Can I dye my hair like Kang Baek-ho?’ “I didn’t stop the player because it’s good to have marketability,” he said

Choi Seung-bin said, “I originally knew the Slam Dunk cartoon, but it didn’t really touch my heart,” adding, “When I watched the movie during this winter training, Kang Baek-ho was very cool.” The fighting spirit and overflowing fighting were cool, and I also liked playing a little thoughtless. Above all, I liked the sense of responsibility not to give up at any moment,” he explained why he was so into Kang Baek-ho. The cost of realizing Kang Baek-ho’s head is 50,000 won. He said, “Because I usually dye and bleach my hair myself, it was possible for about 15,000 won to 20,000 won. However, I ordered the wrong hair dye this time, so I went to the hair salon and did it for 50,000 won,” he said with a smile.

Born to a Russian mother and a Korean father, Choi Seung-bin was not very interested in basketball as a child. However, when I was in the third grade of Maesan Elementary School in Suwon, I caught a basketball for the first time when I saw my favorite girlfriend cheering for another friend who transferred to the basketball club. He said, “My crush cheered for me by adding ‘milk color’ to my friend’s name who was playing basketball. “I was jealous, so I went home and begged my parents to let me play basketball,” he recalled 오래된 토토사이트

His tendency to play basketball is similar to that of Kang Baek-ho. He protects under the goal by overcoming rough physical fights even with his small height, and saves the team’s atmosphere with his spare play. Coincidentally, like Kang Baek-ho in the cartoon, who showed his fighting spirit in bandages in Dongguk Daejeon on the 20th, he continued to run with a bandage on even though his eyebrows were torn and bleeding due to a collision with his opponent. Choi Seung-bin said, “It’s thrilling and fun to slide and bump into the opponent in the air,” stressing, “My role on the court is a mood maker.”

Choi Seung-bin, who led Konkuk University’s second place in the college basketball league in charge of Freddie, a center from the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the 2022 season, is in the fourth grade this year. I want to achieve a successful conclusion by winning the professional nomination match. He said, “Of course, the final goal is to win,” but vowed, “It is important for the team to move as one like a cog and gradually move up to a higher place.”

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