You are currently viewing Divorce Tom Cruise pays full tuition for daughter repair college

Divorce Tom Cruise pays full tuition for daughter repair college

Divorce Tom Cruise pays full tuition for daughter repair college Keep your promise of financial assistance

Tom Cruise

It has been reported that Tom Cruise, 60, will have no part in his daughter Suri Cruz’s college entrance.

On the 22nd (Korea Standard Time), Younggu Daily Mail reported, “Katie Holmes’ 16-year-old daughter Suri Cruz is already applying for college and wants to study fashion in New York.”

“My father, Tom Cruise, will not give her any help because of his ‘no role’ in the process,” he said. “However, according to the agreement at the time of divorce from Katie, Suri’s college tuition must be paid.”

Suri Cruise turns 17 next month. I’ve already applied to several universities across the country, and I’m leaning towards studying fashion in New York

An insider said, “KT is very proud of Suri and saves repair to the extent that it is called overprotection. “I want to stay in New York even when I go to college,” he said.

But Tom Cruise said his daughter Suri didn’t give him any advice or help in choosing a college. The insider said, “Tom and Suri haven’t seen each other for years. The father is not involved in his daughter’s life, he said. “However, I kept all my promises for financial support for Suri.”

Tom Cruise is paying $400,000 (about 520 million won) to Katie every year for child support until Suri turns 18. It also promised to pay for all medical, dental, insurance, education, college and other extracurricular expenses.

Suri, who has been raised alone in a single mother’s family since she was four years old, is now turning into a smart girl and a very intelligent and mature woman, according to foreign media. She also has a very good friendship with her close friends, and she knows exactly where she comes from,” he added.

Katie Holmes divorced actress Tom Cruise in August 2012. Katie Holmes took custody after her divorce and lives in New York City with Surrey Cruz.

Tom Cruise has also been embroiled in rumors that he has not seen his daughter for eight years, citing religious scientology

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