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Movies that will look different over time like Jeon Jong-seo’s

Movies that will look different over time like Jeon Jong-seo’s Mona Lisa and Blood Moon Burning


“Mona Lisa and Blood Moon,” a popular movie that topped the foreign currency reservation rate at the same time, finally released today, and the main actor Jeon Jong-seo’s question and answer was revealed.

Mona Lisa and Blood Moon, which drew attention as a competitor for the Golden Lion award at the Venice Film Festival and actor Jeon Jong-seo’s Hollywood debut, is drawing attention by revealing honest interviews with actor Jeon Jong-seo, who played the role of Mona. Mona Lisa and Blood Moon is a mystery funky thriller in which Mona (Jeon Jong-seo), a mysterious creature who fled the closed ward on a red moon night, leaves in search of perfect freedom with those she met in a strange city.

The film entered the Cannes Film Festival at the same time as its debut with “Burning,” and has since attracted attention as Jeon Jong-seo’s Hollywood debut film, which has been active in films and OTT works such as “Call,” “Loveless Romance,” “Paper House: Joint Economic Zone,” and “Body Price.” On top of that, a variety of actors, including world-renowned actor Kate Hudson, who was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, Ed Scrain, who made a strong impression as a villain in Deadpool, Evan Wheaton, a child actor with full acting skills, and Craig Robinson, a veteran actor familiar with the popular mid-air “The Office,” will show fantastic chemistry. In addition, the film was nominated for the Golden Lion competition at the Venice Film Festival, and was officially invited to major film festivals such as the BFI London Film Festival, Zurich Film Festival, Rotterdam International Film Festival, and Melbourne International Film Festival.

In response, Jeon Jong-seo said, “I enjoyed working with new actors. Hollywood actors also had their own culture, and they thought they were free, not forced,” he said, expressing his feelings after finishing his first Hollywood film. In addition, I chose this movie because it feels different depending on how I see it, to the audience who have been looking forward to the domestic release of “Mona Lisa and Blood Moon.” Like “Burning,” “Mona Lisa and Blood Moon” is like a movie that will look different over time. If there’s anything you want, you should meet this kind of movie one more time. “I hope the audience will enjoy watching it,” he said, further raising expectations for the movie.

Actor Jeon Jong-seo’s Hollywood debut and mystery funky thriller “Mona Lisa and Blood Moon” that fascinated the world will be released today and meet with the audience

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