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Song Ji-hyo Ji Seok-jin explaining the suspicion of overdue

Song Ji-hyo Ji Seok-jin explaining the suspicion of overdue wages of some criminal agency


While Woo Ju-rox, the agency of actor Song Ji-effect broadcaster Ji Seok-jin, is embroiled in suspicions related to performance fees and overdue wages, the management denied it and emphasized the settlement without a hitch.

On the 5th, Ujurox officially told OSEN, “There are some facts different from the wage arrears reported today,” adding, “All payments, including salaries and four major insurances, have already been made to retirees, and all employees will be paid on the 10th, the original payment date.”

On this day, Ujurox was embroiled in allegations of overdue wages. The management did not properly pay some employees’ salaries due to financial difficulties and did not properly settle expenses such as vehicle maintenance and gas costs. In particular, suspicions have been raised that some entertainers’ YouTube teams have been disbanded due to profitability

Wooju Rocks is an agency that includes Ji Seok-jin and Song Ji-hyo, who have worked together for a long time on SBS entertainment show “Running Man.” In addition to them, it is a management company that includes a number of celebrities, including singer Lee Hyun-woo, actor Oh Man-seok, Koyote Baekga, and announcer-turned-Mina Son. As a result, allegations of wage arrears in Ujurox quickly spread online, drawing attention from netizens.

An official, who asked for anonymity, told OSEN, “The CEO of Woojurox is currently in the U.S.,” adding, “It seems that there has been a accumulation of things that have not been contacted on time regarding settlement and contracts.” On the other hand, another U.S. official said, “It is true that the representative is currently in the United States. Due to the time difference or distance, you may not have been able to reach them in real-time. “However, I understand that the issue of performance fees and settlement proceeded without a hitch,” he stressed

As a result of OSEN confirmation, A, the actual CEO of Woojurox, is still in the United States as of the afternoon of the 5th. As a result, all payments have been made for some delayed or suspected settlement-related issues. Celebrities’ performance fees are settled quarterly, so there is no delay, and employees’ salaries are usually paid on the 10th of every month, but they will be paid as scheduled on the 10th of this month.

In response, a broadcasting official told OSEN, “It’s a pity that the artists went up and down due to the company’s problems. Isn’t it an industry where individual images are important. “There should be no unfairness or involvement in either way,” he said.

The following is the full text of Ujurox’s official position.

Regarding the article on wage arrears reported today, I am sending you some facts that are different from the facts.

The article mentions the salaries of our employees as if they were being overdue,

All payments, including salaries and four major insurance payments, have already been completed for those who quit, and all salaries will be paid around April 10, the original payment date.

Also, we would like to inform you that the quarterly settlement of the artists will be carried out smoothly at the scheduled time

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