You are currently viewing DiCaprio’s mother Gigi Hadid was still dating Your family

DiCaprio’s mother Gigi Hadid was still dating Your family

DiCaprio’s mother Gigi Hadid was still dating Your family is rooting for you, too


Reports have emerged that DiCaprio is still dating mother model Gigi Hadid.

American entertainment media Entertainment Tonight reported on the 4th (Korea Standard Time) that “Leonardo DiCaprio (48) and Gigi Hadid (27) are still dating.”

A source told the media, “The two have still been spending time together as long as their busy schedules allow since they first connected in September last year.”

“Jiji and Leo still hang out and talk when they’re in time. “They both have busy work schedules, but we’re having fun together when time allows,” he added.

Yolanda, Gigi Hadid’s mother and celebrity, and her sister’s top model Bella Hadid are also rooting for Leo’s date and choice.

Foreign media said, “Jiji’s family believes she can make healthy decisions. “I’m supporting her as much as I can,” he said. “Even for Ji-ji, the top priority is her daughter.”

Gigi Hadid, the daughter of real estate tycoon Mohammed Hadid, has been co-parenting since breaking up with Jane Malik, a former member of One Direction

Meanwhile, Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid’s love affair began last September. We met at New York Fashion Week and had a date, but they broke up five months later in February this year. However, they still cannot forget each other and start meeting again and continue dating.

In particular, Gigi Hadid said in an interview after breaking up with DiCaprio, “It is difficult to maintain and grow a relationship with my boyfriend while much of my private life is open to the public,” adding, “Just meeting him makes me embroiled in rumors of a romantic relationship too soon.” I don’t know if anyone expects people like us to have a normal dating experience,” he said, expressing the difficulty of public relationships

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