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Shin Jung-hwan Tak Jae-hoon’s hobby is women’s My hobby

Shin Jung-hwan Tak Jae-hoon’s hobby is women’s My hobby is Gangwon-do Country Kokko. Revealed before the disbandment

Shin Jung-hwan

Shin Jung-hwan, a former Country Kkokko, refuted Tak Jae-hoon’s remarks on dismantling and revealed the secret story of the two.

On the 12th, Shin Jung-hwan explained or criticized Tak Jae-hoon’s remarks through Flax TV, an Internet personal broadcasting platform.

Shin Jung-hwan said, “The reason why Country Koko’s teamwork has been a little disrupted is when Jae-hoon suddenly brought a woman and asked her to say hello.” Afterwards, I looked at the newspaper and suddenly, “Tak Jae-hoon Marriage” appeared. “As far as I remember, we met for three to four months, and we announced our marriage,” he confessed.

He said, “I spent time with the team all over the country, and even before Country Kkokko, I was the brother of the same neighborhood. How close you must have been. I saw the wedding announcement in the newspaper. I was a bit disappointed. But I couldn’t even do a few Country Kkokko broadcasts and events because I was preparing for the wedding. I rested when I was young and didn’t come to the broadcast alone. I was a little upset at that time,” he said.

Regarding the dissolution of Country Koko, he said, “As Jae-hoon said, we have never declared dissolution,” adding, “Because Jae-hoon got married and his close celebrity colleagues were different, we naturally only did broadcasts together.” My brother has a stable assumption, so he can leave when the deposit is confirmed at the previous event, but there was something a little picky about it,” he said. “I don’t know if everything I said on the broadcast is true, but it may have felt uncomfortable to divide it into five to five.” I felt that energy, so I did activities separately. “I started the event alone at half the price,” he said.

I 100% agreed to say that we have different tastes. Shin Jung-hwan said, “That’s right. Whenever I had time, I headed to Gangwon-do, and this brother met a woman whenever he had time before getting married, he said, “Wasn’t he so popular. The women didn’t leave this brother alone. I went to Gangwon-do whenever I had time because I was not popular. Then the hobbies began to become more and more the same. My hobby was Gangwon-do, and he changed to sports. He likes soccer.”

He said he was sorry about the allocation of profits. Shin Jung-hwan said, “Jae-hoon has gained popularity because he sings a lot and has a handsome face. I just rapped, so it’s worth talking about revenue allocation. When I get home, my parents ask me why I don’t sing. That bothered me, so I kept adding chants. Jae-hoon’s voice cracked in a way, and in a way, I helped Jae-hoon,” he said, drawing laughter.

Shin Jung-hwan denied criticism that Tak Jae-hoon’s comment would be a cornerstone for his return to terrestrial broadcasting, saying, “If Jae-hoon had played an intelligent go-stop that laid the cornerstone for me, I would have left ‘no-back’ first.”

Earlier, Tak Jae-hoon said on SBS entertainment show “Dolsing4man without shoes,” which aired on the 11th, “Country Kogo is not officially dismantled, but it feels like fade out.” “We just had different hobbies,” he said, drawing laughter.

When Lee Sang-min said, “What’s so funny is that they were in the same group, but they went to the event separately,” Tak Jae-hoon said, “I didn’t want to see it anymore. I didn’t want to share the same thing without singing. Later, he confessed the reason for the disbandment, saying, “There is nothing to do.”

In response, Shin Jung-hwan captured an article containing Tak Jae-hoon’s remarks and said, “I can’t stand it!! “I will reveal the truth tonight,” he said.

Meanwhile, Shin Jung-hwan was arrested and charged with gambling in the Philippines in 2010 and sentenced to eight months in prison

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