You are currently viewing presbyopia surgery period around the age of 45

presbyopia surgery period around the age of 45

presbyopia surgery period around the age of 45


You said that presbyopia can be used, and if you don’t want to use magnifying glass, you can operate. There’s LASIK LASEK or presbyopia cataract surgery. What’s the standard for presbyopia surgery? I think it’s normal age Age is almost the same as the progression of presbyopia, so I’m now in favor of cataract surgery with you, and I’ve had a lot of good results from drinking a lot of soju, so I actually use this standard in Europe

I’m based on the age of 45 Before the age of 45, it’s a bit of a waste to have presbyopia cataract surgery, and after the age of 45, if you have presbyopia cataract surgery and presbyopia lasek, it’s hard to see You might not be able to see it right away, and even if you do, you could use it as a magnifying glass in 34 years If that’s the case, you don’t use it for 34 years There are things that make you like it so much

After the age of 45, we’ll recommend presbyopia cataract surgery. We’ll have presbyopia correction as well So even primitive patients with good eyes can’t see close to them if their presbyopia progresses too much, and then they can’t see close to them, they can’t see TV, they can’t see far away, and if they can’t see far away, they can see not only close but also far away

These days, it’s good for astigmatism correction and it’s really effective, so it’s a symptom of 9 o’clock that all the way up close to the principle is a little blurry, but it gets better, so you can see it more clearly And presbyopia surgery fee cataract surgery is needed to go in together, so for those who can’t see far away from cataracts, it’s getting better now

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