You are currently viewing Arnold Schwarzenegger I always support your bragging

Arnold Schwarzenegger I always support your bragging

Arnold Schwarzenegger I always support your bragging about your illegitimate son from housekeeper infidelity


Arnold Schwarzenegger refers to Joseph Baena, an illegitimate son born of an affair with a housekeeper.

Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger (75) recently attended the premiere of his new Netflix movie “Fuba,” according to foreign media such as Entertainment Tonight on the 24th (Korea Standard Time). Her daughter Catherine Schwarzenegger, son-in-law Chris Pratt and her illegitimate son Joseph Baena also attended the event to cheer for her father.

“I’m glad that Joseph Baena is here today to watch ‘Puba’,” Arnold said. “We’re supporting each other. That’s what matters,” he said.

Joseph Baena also said his father was his role model, adding, “Arnold is an amazing father. He’s enough to admire, and he’s the smartest person I know. “It was a great journey, and I’ve always supported you in whatever I do,” he said. “I’m very grateful to have a father like Arnold.”

Joseph Baena is also following his father’s path as an actor, and he is on the path of a full-fledged celebrity by appearing on TV programs last year.

Joseph Baena is the son of Arnold, who had an affair with his housekeeper, Mildred. He is also active as an influencer with a likable face that resembles his father and a muscular body.

Arnold filed for divorce from his wife Maria Shriver in 2011, when he was found to be out of wedlock, and 10 years later, he signed the divorce. The two have four children, actors Patrick Schwarzenegger and Catherine Schwarzenegger.

Arnold has since continued his public relationship with his girlfriend Heather Milligan, who is 28 years younger than him

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