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Qatar Capital Wins Glazer is finally out after 7 months

Qatar Capital Wins Glazer is finally out after 7 months of Manchester United’s acquisition


The English Premier League Manchester United acquisition war, which has been going on for nearly seven months, seems to have finally come to an end. Qatar Capital, led by Sheikh Zasim, chairman of Qatar’s Islamic Bank (QIB), beat Jim Ratcliffe, chairman of Ineos, “England’s richest man.”

Qatar media Al Watan said on the 13th (Korea Standard Time) that the Glazer family, which owned Manchester United, approved the transfer to Sheikh Jasim. An official announcement will be made in a few days,’ he said. This means that the Glazer family eventually accepted Sheikh Jasim’s proposal, ending the competition for the acquisition. As a result, the competition that lasted about seven months ended with Qatar’s victory.

The Glazer family, which owns Manchester United, announced in November last year that they would sell the club. Soon after, Chairman Sheikh Jasim and Chairman Ratcliffe entered the takeover war. Ratcliffe has offered to buy a stake in Manchester United, which is slightly more than 50%. The Glazers initially liked the proposal. This is because he was able to maintain some control over Manchester United.

On the other hand, Chairman Sheikh Jasim wanted to acquire a 100% stake. Naturally, he offered a larger amount than Chairman Ratcliffe. Chairman Ratcliffe offered 3 billion pounds (about 4.8184 trillion won), while Chairman Sheikh Jasim offered a total of 5.5 billion pounds (about 8.8338 trillion won). Chairman Sheikh Zasim sent a final fifth proposal last week and issued an ultimatum. It was a declaration that he would withdraw his plan to take over Manchester United if he did not accept the offer 파워볼사이트

Eventually, the Glazer family raised its hand. The Glazer family had been fighting for nearly seven months to boost the final sale. Initially, it wanted £6 billion (about 9.6368 trillion won), but it is understood that it accepted Sheikh Jasim’s last offer. That leaves the Glazer family 18 years after taking over United in 2005

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