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Gongmyeong, please wait for the more mature time

Gongmyeong, please wait for the more mature time you’ve been discharged. Thank you


Actor Gong Myung was discharged from the military service.

According to People Entertainment on the 13th, Gong Myung, who joined the army on December 14, 2021, returned to the public after faithfully completing his military service for about a year and a half.

Gong Myung said through his agency, “The military service period was a time when I was able to become more mature,” adding, “I will greet you with good works and good looks as an actor in the future.” Thank you so much to the fans who waited. I love you,” he said.

Lee So-young, CEO of People Entertainment, said, “We will support actor Gong Myung to be active at home and abroad in the future,” adding, “Thank you for sending us a lot of congratulations and expectations for his early discharge.” “Please pay a lot of attention to actor Gong Myung,” he said.

In particular, Gong Myung steadily showed his presence as his works filmed before joining the military were released during his military service. He played the role of Lee Eok-ki, a loyal fellow general of Yi Sun-shin (Park Hae-il), in the movie “Hansan: The Appearance of a Dragon,” which attracted 7.26 million viewers last summer. In addition, in the movie “Killing Romance,” which was released in April, Hwang Yeo-rae (played by Lee Ha-nui)’s fan club “Yerae Barae” fan club member Kim Bum-woo is loved by the audience for his unique pure charm. In addition, he showed a variety of aspects in October last year, including a special appearance as Jung Un-ho, the first blind date partner of Na Bo-ra (played by Kim Yoo-jung), in the Netflix movie “20th Century Girl.”

In addition, as it is a resonance that has built his own character and solid filmography in each film, such as the movie “Extreme Job,” “The Essence of Happiness,” “Search Station,” the drama “Hong Cheon-ki,” “Melo Is My Nature,” and “I’m Good to Die,” his discharge is more welcoming than ever

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