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Barca’s first signing this summer was 2+1 buyout

Barca’s first signing this summer was 2+1 buyout of Treble captain Gundogan’s contract period of 570 billion won, Manchester City attempted to recruit 150 billion won of Rice


Travel Maker Ilkai Gündoan has built a new nest.

As expected, his destination was Barcelona. Barcelona officially announced the recruitment of Guendoan on the 26th (Korea Standard Time). The contract period was two years, and the option to extend it by one year was included. The buyout was set at 400 million euros (about 570 billion won). Guendoan is Barcelona’s first signing this summer.

Guendoan’s trip to Barcelona was foreseen early on. On the 22nd, Fabrizio Romano, who boasts the best public confidence in the European transfer market, said, “Guindoan is going to Barcelona. Final approval to register Guendoan has been dropped. The player also delivered the green light. The deal was completed with an autograph a few minutes ago. Guendoan agreed to a two-year contract until June 2025. There is an additional year option,’ he said.

Earlier in the day, the BBC also reported on Guendoan’s trip to Barcelona. BBC said, “Manchester City captain Guendoan, whose contract expires at the end of this month, will move to Barcelona on a free contract (FA). He was offered a contract renewal by Manchester City, but he discussed a three-year contract with ‘Spanish champion’ Barcelona,’ he said

Initially, Manchester City wanted to renew their contract with Guendoan. Earlier this month, Pep Guardiola said, “The club is trying to protect Guendoan and I hope he succeeds.” Guendoan was a player like Guardiola’s persona. Guendoan left Dortmund in 2016 and wore a Manchester City uniform. It was Guardiola’s first recruitment. Guendoan, who can play not only offense but also defense throughout the midfield, is an all-weather midfielder with amazing skills, senses, and mobility.

He suffered a bit from an injury in the first season, but has since played a steady role since then. In particular, he played as a key midfielder in Guardiola’s style of soccer, which plays various types. Whatever position he played, he played his part and was favored by Guardiola. Guendoan has scored 60 goals and 40 assists in 304 appearances in seven seasons for Manchester City. With Guendoan’s performance, Manchester City has established itself as England’s strongest club in name and reality. Manchester City has won five league titles, two FA Cup titles, and four league cups since the transfer of Guendoan.

This season was the peak. He not only lifted the league but also the European Champions League trophy he had long wanted. At the last minute, Guendoan came out as a hero. He scored six goals in his last seven games. Guendoan scored multiple goals in the FA Cup final against Manchester United, leading his team to a 2-1 victory. Manchester City, which won the FA Cup thanks to Guendoan’s performance, became the first English club to achieve a treble since Manchester United in the 1998-1999 season. Guendoan’s performance in the captain’s armband was absolutely brilliant

Manchester City started to catch Guendoan, but Guendoan’s choice was Barcelona. The terms of the contract were crucial. Manchester City have offered Guendoan a one-plus-one deal. Guendoan, who is in the twilight years of his career, wanted more stable conditions. Barcelona, who wanted to reinforce the midfield, stepped up. Barcelona captured Guendoan’s heart by offering 2+1. The BBC explained, “Man City wanted to stay in Guendoan, but they didn’t want to hold him at all costs.”

Coach Xavi Hernandez wanted to add experience to the midfield and succeeded in embracing the long-cherished Guendoan. Barcelona, which is still suffering from financial difficulties, was the best sale for Guendoan, which has no transfer fee. Barcelona, who had found a replacement for Sergio Busquets, filled the gap with a top midfielder. Gündogan is expected to form a Barcelona midfield with Pedri, Gabi, and Frankie de Yong. Guendoan also said, “I’ve always wanted to play for Barcelona. Coach Xavi and I have similar eyes on soccer. “I’m looking forward to it,” he said.

Guendoan is leaving, but he is expected to establish himself as a legend for Manchester City. BBC wrote, “Guendoan is a club legend who led the treble, and even if he leaves Manchester City, he will be deeply remembered by Manchester City fans like David Silva, Yaya Toure, and Vincent Kompany.” “It was a huge privilege to be able to play for a team like Manchester City for seven years,” Guendoan said, leaving Manchester City. “I was lucky to have an unforgettable experience at Manchester City. In particular, it was a great experience to wear the captain’s armband this season, he said. “I would like to express my gratitude to Pep Guardiola, his teammates, and the huge Manchester City fans,” he said. “Once a blue is an eternal blue.” Man City made my dream come true. “I will never forget this experience,” he said

Manchester City, which sent Guendoan, is eager to find a substitute. The first candidate is Matteo Kovacic, who played for Chelsea. BBC said, “Man City will recruit Kovacic with a basic transfer fee of £25 million and an additional option of £5 million.” Guardiola has been watching Kovacic for a long time. Kovacic joined Chelsea in 2019 and played as a key midfielder. Kovačić, who has both technology and mobility, is considered the best option to ease the aftermath of the transfer to Guendoan 토토추천인

On top of that, it is also planning to recruit additional players. It is England’s best midfielder, Declan Rice. Manchester City reportedly offered a basic £80 million plus a £10 million option to recruit Rice. While Arsenal are currently doing their best to recruit Rice, Manchester City’s participation has made the atmosphere strange. Rice’s value went up even further last season, wearing the captain’s armband and giving West Ham its first major trophy in 43 years. West Ham have reached the top of the Europa Conference League. With West Ham putting £100 million on Rice’s price tag, Manchester City, which is not behind in money, is a club that West Ham can give the money they want. With Rice on board, Man City will have more than enough power to take the treble this season

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