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Best strikeout pitcher in endangered 300K history

Best strikeout pitcher in endangered 300K history saves Average of 14.33K in 9 innings is phenomenal

Best strikeout

The 300 strikeout pitcher, who is on the verge of extinction, is likely to be born in four years.

Atlanta Braves right-hander Spencer Strider (24) took the lead in this category with 10 strikeouts.

Striker started the home game against the Minnesota Twins at Truist Park on the 27th (Korea Standard Time) and struck out 10 in seven innings, pitching well with three hits and one run, leading to a 4-1 victory and becoming a winning pitcher.

Striker, who marked 9-2 with a 3.73 ERA this season, increased his strikeouts to 146. The second overall in the category is Toronto Blue Jays Kevin Gaussman with 127, followed by Minnesota Twins Pablo Lopez (120) and Los Angeles Angels Otani Shohei (117). Strider’s run is overwhelming.

Striker has an average strikeout (K/9) of 14.33 in nine innings and a strikeout rate of 38.9% compared to the number of at-bats against the opponent. It is also an unrivaled leader in both categories. You can see it as the best ‘Dr. K’ in existence.

In this era of complete pitchers disappearing due to an increase in the proportion of bullpen, it is not difficult to strike out 300 in a season. Even if he strikes out an average of 11 in nine innings, he has to throw 245 innings of the season. Even if he pitches seven innings, he has to start 35 times. These days, it is not easy to see not only seven innings but also six innings of pitching unless you are an ace. In the end, if you want to achieve 300 strikeouts, you have no choice but to improve your strikeout ability.

Strider is the highest level in this section. He has already pitched 131⅔ innings in 31 games (20 starts) last year, striking out 202 and showing off his overwhelming ability to strike out. The average number of strikeouts in nine innings is 13.81, which has increased further this season

The last 300 strikeouts in the Major League are Houston Astros Garrett Cole and Justin Verlander in 2019. Cole pitched 212⅓ innings in 33 games, 326 and Verlander struck out 300 in 223 innings in 34 games. It is a season when the average number of calls in nine innings was 13.82 and Verlander struck out 12.11.

The best K/9 season record is 14.20 recorded by Cleveland Guardians Shane Bieber in 2020, a 60-game shortened season. As of the 162 games season, Cole in 2019 is the highest record. Strider goes beyond both pitchers.

On this day, Strider threw just 100 pitches. As a fastball pitcher, he used more than half of his four-seam fastball with 54, and threw a mix of sliders (32) and changeups (14). His fastball speed was up to 99.5 miles and averaged 97.6 miles.

Striker, who overcame the crisis of first and second bases with hits and walks in the top of the first inning, threw a low fastball to Joey Gallo after one out in the second inning and allowed a solo home run in the middle. Gallo, who was aiming for it rather than a mistake, responded well.

However, after that, he led the inning without any additional runs. In the third inning, he recorded one hit and two strikeouts, two strikeouts in the fourth and fifth innings, two strikeouts, one strikeout in the sixth inning, and one walk and one strikeout in the seventh inning, respectively. The strikeouts were six sliders and four fastballs.

Striker, who struck out 146 in 91⅔ innings in 16 games, can strike out 303 if he keeps the same pace in the regular season with more than half left 파워볼 인증

Meanwhile, Atlanta tied the game with Travis Dano’s grounder in the bottom of the fourth inning with one out and runners on first and third base, and ran 4-1 with Marcel Osuna’s solo home run and Ronald Acuna Jr.’s two-run home run in the seventh inning. Acuna Jr., who has 17 home runs and 35 steals this season, is aiming for the first 30 home runs-70 steals in history

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