You are currently viewing 85.3 billion strikers want to go to Tottenham instead of Chelsea

85.3 billion strikers want to go to Tottenham instead of Chelsea

85.3 billion strikers want to go to Tottenham instead of Chelsea


Where will Brennan Johnson (22) of Nottingham Forest head.

British media “HITC” cited a report by British media “Daily Mail” on the 21st (Korea Standard Time) to mention rumors of Johnson’s transfer.

The media reported, “Chelsea wants Johnson, but he prefers to transfer to his rival Tottenham.”

“Chelsea has been considering recruiting Johnson for weeks. Chelsea are looking to bring in another winger. “Last week, I tried to recruit Michael Olis from Crystal Palace, but I failed,” he added.

“Nottingham Forest wants about 50 million pounds (about 85.3 billion won) for Johnson’s ransom. Chelsea are trying to lower the price.

Chelsea are actively working, but Johnson prefers to go to Tottenham. The media said, “For Johnson, playing time is the most important thing. “This is why I prefer to join Tottenham,” he said.

“Tottenham is also eager to recruit Johnson. Before the transfer deadline, he is expected to be ahead of Chelsea in the recruitment match

Johnson is a Welsh striker with excellent speed and sharp dribbling breakthrough. The ability to beat defenders or get fouls with instant acceleration and concise play is outstanding. He scored 10 goals and 3 assists in a total of 44 games in the 2022-23 season. He started 33 of the 38 Premier League games.

Tottenham broke up with Harry Kane (Bayern Munich) this season. It is natural that the weight of the offense is low. I want to reinforce a new player. Johnson was targeted 토토추천

“Johnson can play in all front-line positions,” said HITC. He is a versatile player that Tottenham is looking for, he said. “He mainly played as a right winger in his career. “Tottenham has Dejan Kuluchepski,” he said.

He also said, “Kuluchepski made an amazing start for Tottenham, but his skills fell last season,” adding, “Kuluchepski likes to cut inward and use his left foot.” Engie Postecoglou can add a right-footed option. “Johnson can play the role,” he said

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