You are currently viewing Han Ji Min and Lee Jun Hyuk are the main characters while saying

Han Ji Min and Lee Jun Hyuk are the main characters while saying

Han Ji Min and Lee Jun Hyuk are the main characters while saying, “I’m going to be a

Han Ji Min

Actress Han Ji-min will have a romance with Lee Joon-hyuk.

As a result of exclusive coverage of Star News on the 22nd, it was confirmed that Han Ji-min was cast as the female lead in the new drama “Greetings” (tentative title).

Greeting is a full-fledged care romance drama between Yoo Eun-ho, the secretary of childcare independence, and Kang Ji-yoon, the CEO of infant independence. Yoo Eun-ho, armed with perfection, appears as a secretary in front of Kang Ji-yoon, who is the CEO of a popular headhunter company but has nothing to do alone except work, and tells the story of each other growing up.

Han Ji-min plays Kang Ji-yoon, the hottest CEO who has emerged as a wannabe for female college students in their 20s, making her company the No. 2 player in the industry in five years since her foundation. Kang Ji-yoon is a person who speaks confidently and says everything he has to say with her basic ability and beauty, and has a sharp tone and personality. Kang Ji-yoon, who has no intention of being humble, is comforted by Yoo Eun-ho’s warm care and recovers his hurt heart.

Lee Joon-hyuk will play the role of Yoo Eun-ho, the male lead in “Saying hello.” Yoo Eun-ho is a single daddy raising a 6-year-old daughter with a warm visual, solid muscles, and fantastic suit fit.

Han Ji-min is currently appearing on JTBC’s “Hiply.” “Hiply” is a new work by director Kim Seok-yoon, who directed JTBC’s “The Light in Your Eyes,” “Law School” and “My Liberation Diary.” It is a comic investigation drama that takes place when a combination of veterinarian Yebun and passionate detective Jang Yeol, who exert psychometric superpowers, is swept away by a serial murder while investigating a small life-friendly crime in a small neighborhood called Mujin, Chungcheong-do 광주호빠

Han Ji-min plays Bong Ye-bun, a clumsy veterinarian, and stars Lee Min-ki, EXO Suho, and Joo Min-kyung

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