You are currently viewing Kim Ha-sung’s form is crazy, too. His first grand slam

Kim Ha-sung’s form is crazy, too. His first grand slam

Kim Ha-sung’s form is crazy, too. His first grand slam since his ML debut

Kim Ha-sung

Kim Ha-sung (28, San Diego Padres) also has a crazy form. Kim Ha-sung hit his first grand slam since his major league debut.

Kim Ha-sung started as the first batter and second baseman in the 2023 Major League Baseball home game against the Miami Marlins at Petco Park in San Diego, California, on the 22nd (Korea Standard Time), and scored a grand slam in the second inning with a double from the first inning.

Kim Ha-sung’s performance shone from the first inning. Kim Ha-sung, who took his first at-bat as a leadoff in the bottom of the first inning when the two teams faced 0-0. Miami starter Ryan Weathers’ ball was well selected in the low zone near the first pitch. Before throwing the second pitch, San Diego home fans began to shout “Ha Sung-Kim.” The second pitch was also a body ball. The third pitch was a strike on the body. However, on Game Day, the official website of Major League Baseball, about half of the ball was missing from the zone, but a strike was declared. And then the fourth pitch. He pushed a 96.5-mile (155.3km) four-seam fastball in the middle of Weathers, creating a ball that fell inside the right-field line. With the opponent’s outfield shift leaning to the left, the ball was in the air for a relatively long time, but it became a hit. Kim Ha-sung then sprinted to second base with his helmet off and settled on second base. It was his 18th double of the season. Petco Park was covered with shouts. Kim Ha-sung added a hit in two games following the first game of the doubleheader against the Arizona Diamondbacks (then one home run) on the 20th. Kim Ha-sung celebrated himself with a light dance ceremony after standing on second base.

Since then, Kim Ha-sung’s “football” has begun. Juan Soto struck out at bat after Fernando Tatis Jr. walked on base. As soon as Kim Ha-sung threw the first pitch against the next batter Manny Machado, he completely stole the timing of opposing pitcher Ryan Weathers and succeeded in stealing third base. Kim Ha-sung’s sense shone so much that Miami catcher Nick Forte could not throw the ball to third base at all. Kim Ha-sung’s 28th stolen base this season. In addition, Tatis Jr. also stole second base and recorded a double steal. Tatis Jr.’s 23rd stolen base. Since then, Kim Ha-sung has given the team the first run by stepping home leisurely during Machado’s deep left fielder sacrifice fly. Kim Ha-sung’s 70th goal this season 파워볼토토

Kim Ha-sung finally hit his first major league career grand slam in his second at-bat in the second inning. One out and a full base chance in the bottom of the second inning when the team is still leading 1-0. When Kim Ha-sung entered the batter’s box, Petco Park began to get hotter. San Diego home fans are especially cheering whenever Kim Ha-sung enters the batter’s box. The first pitch was a high 97.2-mile (156.4 km) light fastball strike. Game Day did not enter the strike zone, but the referee declared a strike. Kim Ha-sung expressed deep regret for a while after making a frown.

And the second pitch. This time, 89.1 miles (143.4 kilometers) of changeups came into the zone from the middle to the low side. Kim Ha-sung took a breather after leaving the batter’s box for a while. Kim Ha-sung, who was driven to a disadvantageous 0-2 ball count in an instant. However, Kim Ha-sung did not back down. And Weathers’ third pitch, 96.6 miles (155.4km) four-seam fastball was properly hit with his swing and fired a grand slam over the left fence. Petco Park is crazy. His batting speed is 95 miles (152.8 kilometers). The distance is 359 feet (109.4 meters). The launch angle was 29 degrees. Kim Ha-sung’s 17th home run this season and Kim Ha-sung’s first grand slam in the big league debut, which advanced to the Major League in 2021. With this home run, Kim Ha-sung will only have three home runs left to join the “20 (Home Run)-20 (Stealing)” club. In addition, he achieved 300 hits in his career in Major League Baseball. This is the third Korean major leaguer record after Choo Shin-soo and Choi Ji-man

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