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Is it burdensome to be 21 years apart from director Han Jae-rim

Is it burdensome to be 21 years apart from director Han Jae-rim

Han Jae-rim

“It’s hard to check because it’s the actor’s private life.”

Lee Yeol-eum (28) was also brought out. “Can’t check your personal life.” Card. It is a very simple and easy response to rumors of a romantic relationship between director Han Jae-rim (49), who is 21 years older than him.

An official from Namu Actors, Lee Yeol-eum’s agency, said on the 21st, “I know you are close to the director, but it is difficult to confirm because it is the actor’s private life.”

“Unable to confirm private life” is a comment like a “magic card” used when it is difficult to deny a romantic relationship, but it is burdensome to officially admit it. The intention was to cover up the romantic relationship with the area of “private life” and not to officially take the risk of romantic relationships.

Some respond to Lee Yeol-eum’s response, saying, “Wouldn’t the person be free to admit and not admit romantic rumors?” while others point out that he has a job of being an actor who is important to communicate with the public and is not honest with the public

Recently, there was a rumor that actor Park Seo-joon had a romantic relationship with YouTuber Su-su, but there was a war of nerves by sticking to his “unconfirmed” position under the name of “protecting private life,” but in the case of the group Black Pink Ji-soo, he coolly admitted his relationship with actor Ahn Bo-hyun and received applause and support from many fans.

Earlier on the 21st, a media outlet raised rumors of a romantic relationship between the two, saying, “Director Han Jae-rim and Lee Yeol-eum are overcoming the age gap of 21 and growing pretty love.” According to the media, director Han Jae-rim and Lee Yeol-eum did not hide their relationship without paying much attention to the eyes of the people around them at the filming site of the movie Money Game, which was cranked up in December last year.

Meanwhile, in a 2018 pictorial interview, Lee Yeol-eum mentioned “a person like my dad” as her ideal type and said, “My dad always said I should meet someone who loves you more than my dad.” “In terms of appearance, someone like actor Ji Jin-hee is my ideal type.”

Lee Yeol-eum, who is also the daughter of actress Yoon Young-joo (56), debuted in 2013 with JTBC’s “I Can’t Take It Any More” and appeared in “High School’s Life King,” “I Know,” and the movie “Seoul Ghost Story.” Following the film “The King” (2017) directed by Han and “Emergency Declaration” released last year, Lee Yeol-eum also appeared in the film “Money Game” directed by Han Jae-rim, who finished filming last year.

Director Han Jae-rim debuted in 2005 with the movie “The Purpose of Love” and took megaphones such as “Conceptual,” “The King,” and “Emergency Declaration,” and recently directed the series “Money Game.”

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