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Adele called him a top secret remarriage husband

Adele called him a top secret remarriage husband with a black boyfriend of two years


Reports say Adele, 35, is already married.

According to a number of foreign media outlets, including U.S. entertainment media Page Six, on the 18th (Korea Standard Time), pop star Adele is suspected of having recently married her boyfriend Rich Paul in secret 대구호빠

“Adel called her boyfriend Rich Paul, whom she dated for two years on the Las Vegas stage last Saturday night, her husband,” foreign media said.

Adele has been publicly dating sports agent Richie Paul, 41, for two years now after her divorce.

On this day, a female fan asked Adele to ‘marry me,’ and Adele said, “I can’t marry you. I’m straight, and my love, my husband is here tonight,” he said. “I’m with Rich Paul (boyfriend). You’re crazy, but leave me alone,” he joked.

On this day, fans paid attention to the word “husband” that Adele casually said. Local netizens said, “Adel’s husband? Adele Paul?” “Adele never stops. They are responding enthusiastically, saying, “I think I’m already married,” “Now I’m going to be Misses, not Miss,” and “You’re my husband?!?!?”

Adele previously dated producer Simon Conneckie for six years before divorcing her. The two have a 10-year-old son.

In September last year, Adele recently set up a house to live with Rich Paul in LA, USA, and was embroiled in rumors that the two were getting engaged and preparing for marriage, and publicly expressed her desire to have a second child.

Adele, meanwhile, has lost about 45 kilograms since her divorce, and she is still maintaining that weight steadily. At the time of her diet, Adele reportedly consumed less than 1,000 calories a day

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