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I didn’t expect it Busan KCC is considered a strong

I didn’t expect it


Busan KCC is considered a strong candidate for the 2023-2024 season. By recruiting Choi Joon-yong in the FA market, it has established a national team lineup leading to Ra Gun-ah, Heo Woong, Lee Seung-hyun and Choi Joon-yong. On top of that, Alise Johnson, one of the best players in the G League (NBA lower league), was recruited to focus.

Johnson is busy working with his new teammates through off-season training in Japan in Nagoya and Osaka.

KCC manager Jeon Chang-jin said, “Whether it’s a score or an assist, you play with the opponent’s defense attached to your body, which is a skill that only good basketball players can play. “I chose it because it was impressive to see him doing it while sticking his body together,” he said.

During the off-season training, KCC showed off its outstanding skills as much as Johnson, although the game itself had ups and downs. Not only the game but also the usual practice attitude is good, so the coaching staff is highly satisfied.

Coach Jeon Chang-jin said, “In fact, three-point shots are not what we expected. Based on the video or record, it was judged that a three-point shot could not be made at all. But it wasn’t at that level. In his first practice game of off-season training, he threw 10 three-point shots and scored seven. But since then, he has been playing outside,” he said with a big smile.

He then said, “One-on-one scoring has excellent ability. The plotter who throws with his opponent is amazing. But I don’t think I’ve played a lot of 2v2 screens or high-low games. I emphasized that part while practicing. He always asks me to tell him what I need. I’m going to keep talking to the coaching staff. The attitude of exercising is also very good. I thought there was no shot, but I practice hard. You can’t help but get better after working so hard. First of all, I am satisfied with my personality and attitude,” he praised Johnson 토토사이트

KCC, which has been training in Nagoya and Osaka, will return home on the 18th and prepare for the new season through practice matches and KBL Cup competitions in Korea

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